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Real Stories

                From Real Educators

Developing Empathy for LGBTQ+ Students & Their Heroes

What does LGBTQIA mean? Why is each letter important? How do my LGBTQIA students feel in class? Am i doing everything I can to be empathetic and inclusive to the LGBTQIA students in class and historical figures in content? Our LGBTQ+ students often find not only our material is lacking in cultural competence, but also our educators.

Nathaniel Gray is a speaker, mentor and coach focused on the coming out experience and education's responsibility to support it. His narrative starts in performance, as a professional drag queen in NYC. Since, he has been an educational administrator with Fusion Academy, and is currently working with the Hetrick-Martin Institute, a leading non-profit working with the young LGBTQ+ community. He is pursuing his Master's in Social Work from Fordham University and is the founder of The Proud Path, a company tasked with the goal of understanding and empathy around the coming out process.

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