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Lifesavers: Classroom Management Strategies to Help You Steer Around the Rapids and Stop Swimming Up

Have you ever had the feeling you were drowning and fighting an upstream battle in a classroom full of behavior issues? Then this session’s classroom management strategies offer the “lifesavers” for which you are looking. You will never have quality teaching time if your classroom’s current is flowing up the river and you have to constantly paddle through the rapids. Come learn how to reroute the current in your classroom to a positive downstream flow in order to create a positive learning environment where you have time to teach. In this session we will show you how to teach students the behaviors you want them to display, to correct behaviors which deviate from those taught, and to help your students become responsible for their own success. You will also learn strategies for establishing trust, refocusing problem behaviors, for communicating effectively and eliminating power struggles, and for minimizing potential triggers. Please come and learn how to reroute your current downstream so you and your students can enjoy the ride together!

“Education= Opportunity.” is Ms Jones-Pisano’s professional mantra for over three decades in education and social work. Ms. Pisano has earned a Masters in Elementary Education from SUNY- New Paltz and a Masters of Social Work from New York University. As well, she holds three professional licenses in NYS, which include licenses to teach English (7-12) and Elementary Education (N-6 ). She is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Ms. Pisano worked as an adjunct instructor teaching a College Success Strategies course and as the retention coordinator for Dutchess Community College, and she is a retired technical reading and writing teacher specializing in integrated academics. Empowering teachers, helping them to create thriving classrooms, and inspiring them to discover joy in their careers and to engender student success are the foci of her professional development presentations.

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