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Breakout EDU: Immersive Collaborative Learning

Collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking are extremely important skills students need in the 21st-century world. In a Breakout EDU game, students are given a scenario where they need to analyze and interpret a variety of information to break into a locked box in a limited amount of time. Immerse yourself in this exciting learning platform and student engagement tool as you try to beat the clock and BREAKOUT!

Lee Araoz provides job-embedded professional development on a daily basis as an instructional coach, teacher trainer, and assistive technology consultant. He is a Google Certified Educator who has presented extensively in school districts, college campuses and at educational conferences around the country. Mr. Araoz's dynamic presentations highlight the various ways teachers can integrate technology to facilitate and enhance student-directed, passion-based learning experiences in K-12 classrooms. Mr. Araoz blogs regularly on his website, is a frequent guest host on various Twitter #edchats, and is a proponent of the power of social media in education. He continues to expand his PLN in the belief that a connected educator is a better educator.

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