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Creating a Marker Culture in The Elementary School

Makerspaces: where students design & tinker collaboratively. More than physical space, a mindset that's a necessary component of learning. Creating the physical makerspace is the easiest part of the process. Developing and growing the culture, however, takes finesse. While the makerspace may be one room in a building, it encompasses a mindset that encourages exploration, imagination and prototyping. This room symbolizes a change where problem solving and creativity are at the core of learning.

Caroleann is an elementary technology specialist currently working in New York City. Her school is one of fourteen schools participating in New York City Schools SEP Jr. Pilot Program. With the support of SEP Jr. Funding, Caroleann has created a system that spreads the maker philosophies throughout her building, providing experiences for all. Her passion for Design Thinking and staff development has taken her from Harvard Scratch Ed workshops to curriculum design including computer science and robotics, to international presentations on project based learning. Her classroom is a hub of creativity and a haven for all learners, helping students and teachers to embrace their inner makers and evolve into lifelong learners. Caroleann is a maker at heart who challenges herself at every turn. Christine is an elementary school teacher with boundless energy and an infectious passion for everything maker-related. In her 23 years of teaching, Christine has inspired and engaged her students through project-based learning, making, design thinking, curriculum hacking, student choice and a “20% time” policy (inspired by Google’s employee policy) which empowers students to be more creative and innovative. An innovation trailblazer, Christine launched a wildly popular makerspace at Heathcote Elementary in Scarsdale and is a founding member and co-chair of HExpo (Heathcote Expo), an extraordinary Makerfaire offering multiple hands-on STEAM oriented workshops to elementary students.

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