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Real Stories

                From Real Educators

Learning in Motion: Engaging Kinesthetic Learners

Real-world learning is a valuable instructional strategy that can be enhanced with more "hands-on" learning. This session offers ways to deepen understanding by incorporating the many benefits of kinesthetic and tactile learning. Various kinesthetic activities will be demonstrated and shared. It will end in a group brainstorm that will be focused on incorporating these strategies and generating ideas into your next unit no matter what subject you teach! This session will focus demonstrate and generate various kinesthetic and tactile learning strategies across all subjects.

I'm an educator first, chocolate enthusiast second, and fish biologist third. I love sharing my passions with students and helping them discover theirs! As an educator, I think finding passion and practicing perseverance are crucial traits to develop in high school. As a chocolate enthusiast, my recent class exploring chemistry by cooking with chocolate offered the chance for me to become an aficionado. I also strive to learn how to be a better citizen through education. In Who Doesn't Love Chocolate!, the importance of being an informed and responsible consumer was a major take away from me and has reinforced my efforts to not eat chocolate that relies on child labor and slavery. Lastly, as a fish biologist, I love teaching anatomy so that students may fully realize the deep evolutionary connections we have to other animals, especially fishes. Just keep learning!

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