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Network Weaving for Educators

Join us to think together with a network mindset. We will learn to be aware of, identify and map networks around us, and explicitly work to tap their energy and make them healthier. We will practice helping others (from our learners to our colleagues) to identify their interests and challenges, and we'll consider how to best connect people strategically where there's potential for mutual benefit. Network weaving serves as a catalyst for self-organizing groups and creates opportunities for richer relationships and deeper learning, and we'll start by weaving our own network as a template.

Sara Shapiro-Plevan, the founder of Rimonim Consulting and a doctoral candidate in the Davidson School at the Jewish Theological Seminary, is all about relationships. Her essential focus: studying the way relationships influence the ability to improve our practice, understand our work, and engage effectively with others. Sara consults primarily with Jewish educational organizations, schools, congregations, and foundations to support their alignment with vision, and develop a networked, collaborative culture and approach to their practice in a variety of domains.

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