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There's Never Enough Time! Making Time for Real Science Using the 5E Instructional Model

Not enough time for science?!? The 5E instructional model helps re-introduce elements of surprise and discovery into science classrooms. This 90-minute session is designed to introduce the 5E instructional model (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate” through teacher immersion followed by a reflection. The first 45 minutes would include “Engage” and “Explore” and would represent one complete class period, with teachers participating as students. This “class” includes a Group Learning Routine and a complete lab activity. The following 10 minutes would summarize the subsequent class period, modeling the “Explain” phase. The remaining 30 minutes would include group learning protocol in which teachers discuss their experience, and would also provide a look at the final two phases of the 5E model: Elaborate and Evaluate.

Andrea is a graduate of the New Visions-Hunter College Urban Teaching Residency, and currently teaches Living Environment and Earth Science at All City Leadership Secondary School in Brooklyn. She is in her third year of working with the New Visions Living Environment Curriculum, and has presented portions of the curriculum to teachers at local and national conferences. Andrea is also a Math for America Master Science Teacher.

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