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"Why Do I Need to Know This, Miss? A Guide to Writing Relevant PBL Curriculum

FMHS was founded on problem-based learning model of education where core classes are co-taught and integrated. This lends itself to exciting and ever-changing curricula. This workshop will offer a glimpse into how we define PBL at our school and some strategies we've tried to make PBL authentic and timely. We invite educators to engage in a dialogue and brainstorming session as a tool to create authentic inquiry-based and relevant learning experiences for students. Our conversation is around authentic ways to incorporate problem based learning into curriculum.

Sarah Stahl has been an English Teacher at FMHS for six years and working in the DOE for eleven years. She is passionate about teaching English through the lens of the historical context that made it. Having served as Master Teacher to develop a peer feedback program at FMHS, Sarah is passionate about curriculum and helping support peers to design engaging, rigorous coursework. Laryssa Kramarchuk started her teaching career in the Cambridge Public School system and returned to her native New York five years ago to join the staff of FMHS. As a member of Math for America program and STEM certificated, Laryssa is constantly enriching her own content knowledge and teaching toolbox to provide students with creative entry points to what can be an intimidating subject.

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