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Enhancing Teaching and Learning in STEM

This session will demonstrate, as part of an interactive workshop, the use of gamification and stop-motion in the teaching of complex scientific content. Participants will participate in a 'Blind Kahoot' and learn how designing games for their students can enable teaching of new subjects. They will use Stopmotion Studio HD on the iPads to see how creating animations can creatively enhance teaching and learning of scientific processes.

Stephanie teaches Chemistry and International Baccalaureate Biology at the United Nations International School in New York City. She has held leadership positions in curricular, extracurricular and pastoral care throughout her teaching career. In 2015 she was awarded Apple Distinguished Educator and enthusiastically explores the potential for Apple Technologies to transform teaching and learning. Stephanie specializes in teaching IB Biology and maintains a YouTube channel and iTunes U course to support students in the course worldwide.

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