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Google Chrome Extensions: Leveraging Instructional Technology to Advance the Learning Experience

Unleash the power of the Google Chrome browser! Google Chrome extensions are like superpowers for your web browser, literally extending the capabilities of the browser. In this conversation, teachers will explore various Chrome extensions that are designed for educators and students. Participants will examine Chrome extensions such as Nimbus Screenshot, Screencastify, Talk and Comment, MakeGIF Video Capture, Polling in Google Slides by PollEverywhere, Extensity, and EasyBib Toolbar, among others. Teachers will explore meaningful, valuable tools that will prove to be important in the integration of technology into the classroom. Participants will use these tools and create products in the discussion. This is a great conversation for educators who want to learn new and improved ways to leverage the power of the Chrome browser.

Chris Purcell has joined the document.

Founder of Ed Technology Specialists, Mr. Walsh is an enthusiastic veteran educator with a passion for teaching and technology. Ed Technology Specialists has grown to serve thousands of students and teachers across the entire U.S. After receiving a dual degree from Boston College he began working as a teacher at Comsewogue School District in 2003. While there, he became heavily involved in educational technology. He has helped Comsewogue become a Google Model School due in part to his work in the classroom. He assisted in the deployment of Chromebooks and turnkey professional development workshops for Google Apps for Education in the Comsewogue School District. Mr. Walsh is a Google for Education Certified Trainer. He has conducted hundreds of hours of professional development trainings and administered many online classes about Google Apps for Education and other technologies. He has taught classes through SCOPE- a not-for-profit private organization permanently chartered by the NYS Board of Regents to provide services to school districts. He has provided technology training for hundreds of teachers all across the U.S. He is a building coach for peer mentoring in all things technology. He has been the featured speaker at a multitude of educational technology conferences throughout the nation.

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