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Real Stories

                From Real Educators

Valentine's Day: For the Love of Teaching

Check out these amazing and inspirational quotes from real educators on the love of teaching.

The moment you share something you love with someone who gets the joy of what you're sharing is electrifying. If you love poetry and teach it with passion students will hear the music of the words, the beat of the heart of the poet. If you love teaching, lifting the veil on the world for your students is the most amazing opportunity; to share with them, to show them, to learn to see that thing through their eyes, and to love it anew. — Lori Stahl-VanBrackle, New York

I love teaching because I am able to work in coalition with marginalized communities in a way that promotes equity and justice for all people. As a primary grade teacher, it is especially important to show our youngest students that their age does not negate their right to have agency over their own lives and actions. — Cody Norton, Washington D.C.

Why I love teaching ? Because I can help people to become better. Sometime I feel much happiness because I teach with my heart. I am such a doctor who helps some people to build their future. I think that it is a vocation for teaching. — Chekpo Edwige, France

Helping students conquer their fears; and understand that only by pacing and educating ourselves one step at a time, we can succeed. — Rosa Bellu, New York

What other job is going to pay me to sing and dance all day? I love teaching because I've never met a 4 year old I didn't like. Every kid deserves an adult in their corner. I get to be their first champion! —Irene Salom, Texas

I love the idea of being able to open up minds and hearts to new ideas and people. I love teaching students that one of the bravest things they can do is be vulnerable. I love watching students grow and learn and become reflective of both themselves and the world around them. — Gina Angelillo, Queens

My kids see me as a smarter, more thoughtful, more resilient, more patient, more organized version of myself than I will ever hope to be. Trying to live up to the image that I project each day is the reason why I love teaching, because through them, I am inspired to be a better person. — Tim Comer, New York

I #LoveTeaching because it's not only my job, but my life's passion! — @TeamValenti, Missouri

I love teaching because I teach students skills that will help them be successful in the real world such as budgeting. —Sapphira Hendrix, Brooklyn

I love teaching because everyday, class, and student is different! I don't know of many other careers that constantly keep you learning, excited, and motivated to facilitate the joys of curiosity. — Francesca McAuliffe, New York #PublicSchoolProud @Franciii500

I get to learn something new every single day. —Adam Markowitz, New York

I love being in education because teenagers challenge me to see the world in a different way. Schools are a gathering place for different people, passions, personalities and life experiences. Education is a human right that we all deserve to have access to and help to shape. — Leia Petty, Counselor, Brooklyn, New York

Teaching is the only job I've ever had where I don't wake up and dread coming in to work. I may be exhausted, but when I open my eyes each morning, I look forward to the day ahead. No day is the same. No student is the same. No classroom period is the same. And I can be sure that I will laugh and share special moments with my students each and every day I walk into the school building. What other job can say that? —Jennifer Gunn, New York, New York

I love teaching because I loved school as a kid and I want to recreate that feeling for my students. —Christine Comer, Long Island, NY

I love being in education because teaching isn’t just a job for me, it’s a calling; a career I’ve always wanted and one I am intensely proud of. I’ve always had a love of learning, and I strive to impart that to my students. Making a difference in the lives of the students and teachers I work with is what drives me to improve upon and add to my pedagogical repertoire on a daily basis. I couldn't ask for a better job! — Lee Araoz, New York

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