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SHARE: How Educators Can (Really, Honestly) Unplug Over Winter Break —And How Stress Affects Us

Between grading papers, planning for the spring, and that extra-special energy students are buzzing with before a break, it’s super difficult for teachers to actually unplug over their break—but it’s so important that we do. Here’s why, followed by tips that will do dedicated educators a lot of good. Remember, self-care is truly an act of kindness to yourself!

Written by Jennifer L.M. Gunn Jennifer L.M. Gunn spent 10 years in newspaper and magazine publishing before moving to public education. She is a curriculum designer, teaching coach, and high school educator in New York City. She is also cofounder of the annual EDxEDNYC Education Conference for teacher-led innovation, and regularly presents at conferences on the topics of adolescent literacy, leadership, and education innovation.

Follow Jennifer on Twitter @jenniferlmgunn

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