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Small Things That Make a Big Difference in the Classroom

Sometimes the smallest practices and moments can make a huge difference in the classroom and with students. Ask anyone about their best school memories and, chances are, they will have little to do with the lessons or the test scores and much to do with the relationships and connections they formed with their teachers. Here’s a look at small classroom practices that have a mighty impact.

Welcoming students at the door

There’s so much to do at the start of class, but greeting your students should be at the top of that list. In fact, a recent study showed that teacher greetings at the door of a classroom “produced significant improvements in academic engaged time and reductions in disruptive behavior,” increasing engagement by 20% and easing disruptive behavior by 9%. So, instead of frantically setting up the projector or SmartBoard, fussing with the attendance or tidying up your classroom, welcome students as they arrive. Work on some fun handshakes or merely smile and make eye contact with each student as they arrive.

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