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Mid-Year Teacher Check-In: How are we doing?

The middle of the school year is the perfect time to check in and see how you, your students, and your colleagues are doing so far. Reflection isn’t just about surfacing the things that need course correcting. It’s also about identifying and celebrating the good and figuring out how to grow upon those areas of strength. Throughout the months, it may be easy to slip into habits of mind and work practices that merely get us through the challenges of teaching, but chances are you’re also doing some seriously amazing work that deserves some recognition and reflection. Use this set of questions in professional development with your colleagues — or just in reflection with yourself — to reawaken your sense of purpose and self-awareness. Your students, your school, and your teaching practice will thank you!

“We often act on our thoughts and feelings. Reflection allows us to decide where they come from and whether those thoughts and feelings are worth following or not.” –Nick Mather

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Use the Mid-Year Check-In Printable for PD

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