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The EDxEDNYC 2019 Conference

is June 6, 2019

Free tickets become available in February 2019. 

Presenter Proposals open in January 2019.

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Dr. Chris Emdin 
2018 Keynote Video

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What's #EDxEDNYC Like?

"The seminars provided best practice examples which improved my planning, because it gave me a way to compare my practice, and the ability to critically analyze my lessons."

"I incorporated ideas from the Big Idea Project, the Senior Seminar, and the Right to Read literacy campaign."


"I attended a presentation on standards-based grading and on student analysis of their own exams, and I incorporated many of these changes into my classroom. I believe it has had an impact on my students' knowledge of their performance and skill in the classroom."

"The workshops are fun and engaging. Allowing for such diverse courses allows us to improve on content-specific, pedagogic, and community-based related areas."

"I introduced mindfulness and math games in my classroom after being introduced to the topics at EDxED."

"Attending sessions on Mindfulness and having conversations around trust and student engagement has made me a better Admin."

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